Copy of Find Your Fit

At KEEXS we take your shoe sizing and comfort seriously.  KEEXS offers you the opportunity to get the closest  shoe size based on our standard sizing guide prior to ordering our shoes.
Just follow the steps below to find out your shoe size!
What You Will Need:
  1. Two pieces of paper
  2. A writing utensil (pen or pencil preferably) A ruler
  3. A friend (recommended, but not essential)
  4. A Measuring tape
Thing You Should Know Before You Measure Your Feet:
  1. It is best to measure your feet after a full day of walking because walking can slightly increase the size of your feet.
  2. It is best to measure your feet wearing the type of socks or stockings you will be wearing in the shoe you plan to purchase. Only measure your feet while barefoot if you plan to wear shoes over your bare feet.
  3. Remember that the difference in shoe size measurements is often as small as 3.2mm, so your foot measurements will need to be equally detail-oriented to be effective. Rounding up or down will decrease the accuracy of the measurement and your likelihood of finding a good shoe fit.
  4. Since one foot is usually slightly bigger than the other, we highly recommend measuring both feet
  5. We also recommend that you add on at least 7mm( 0.7cm) to the length of your larger foot to allow for some room between your toes and the tip of the shoe.