Jide loves shoes but has the major challenge of size (Europe 48) and the right fit… in 2015 he figured why not make his own shoes.. and then Eureka! Why not make for others and create a for profit social enterprise with it.. He bounced a few ideas as well as a name off a few friends including Moyo over blackberry chat.. got on the internet to check out where to make shoes ..flew off to the Netherlands to learn about making sneakers at the…….SLEM institute (The world’s leading school for innovative footwear design and manufacturing).

Moyo flies in from London to meet up with Jide while studying at SLEM institute in Netherland because he believed it was a great idea. They discussed more over a couple of drinks. The major challenge was raising enough funds to start up the business idea. In November, 2015 Jide and Moyo teamed up to run a successful global crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Watch the original video created in 2015.


To pioneer innovation in the footwear industry, bring exciting designs to life and empower communities through socially-oriented projects.



“We the citizens need to take more individual and collective initiatives towards correcting some of our social issues (Economy & society) rather than sitting around complaining and waiting for our leaders to solve everything”– Jide Ipaye



African Voices is the CNN International magazine programme highlighting the continent’s most dazzling people who create their own subcultures in areas such as travel, fashion, art, music, technology and architecture.

This edition celebrates one of Africa’s emerging style idols, Nigeria’s Jide Ipaye, the founder of fast-rising, Keexs Footwear brand. KEEXS has gained wide acceptance among the upwardly mobile, fashion-conscious Nigerians and Africans of late through its innovative designs. Keexs has also been involved in a number of social-oriented projects which have endeared the brand to many of its followers. ” Meet the ambtious Nigerian shoe designer who is adding soul to sneakers”



The KEEXS footwear brand is an African inspired range of casual footwear that Brings out the Cool in any man or lady. It is also for people who are expressive and unapologetic for style choices.

Our name KEEXS originates two words KICKS which means casual footwear, sneakers, shoes with rubber related soles and KEEK which means to peep surreptitiously.

Wearing KEEXS will make you feel good in 3 ways:

  1. Our designs will make you cool and stand out from the crowd.
    2. You are contributing towards poverty alleviation.
    3. Each product has a story that will inspire you.

Our logo “The Fist Bump” is a gesture in which two people bump their fists together (as in greeting or celebration).Every time you wear KEEXS and meet others like you wearing KEEXS say hello with the Fist Bump and celebrate the positive impact we will make in Africa. Our brand colours are Red and Black.