Our mission at KEEXS is to pioneer innovation in the footwear, bring exciting designs to life and empower communities through socially-oriented projects. We partner with organisations and individuals to drive home our mission and have impactful stories to tell.

Our crowdfunding platform, artists or influencer-designed footwear provides a unique way to raise money and generate awareness on important issues. Consumers can spark conversations and show their support for causes that matter to them with every shoe they purchase.

  1. Depending on the dynamics of each crowdfunding campaign, KEEXS can donate up to 10% of every purchase to poverty alleviation projects.
  2. 10% also goes to the designer or influencer from what is raised from the crowdfunding campaign.


Aptly named, the Dustbin Estate is a collection of shanties on refuse dump where a very poor set of people live in Ajegunle (Lagos, Nigeria). Living on a large heap of rubbish poses a myriad of health hazards to both adults and the children, not neglecting the attendant environmental issues. Whenever there is rainfall, the situation is worsened as the entire ‘estate’ is soaked in flood and people still go about their normal duties in this deplorable state! One wonders how these people survive; they eat, drink, have their bath, sleep, talk and do virtually everything in this ever-smelly settlement. Some of them make money from charging people who dispose their refuse here, but one wonders if the 50 Naira note collected for each pack of refuse could ever sum up to justify and alleviate the prevalent abject poverty and hazardous living.

KEEXS has partnered with LOTS charity foundation, a credible and registered charity organisation that caters to the physiological (feeding, clothing and shelter), social, educational, medical, and emotional needs of street kids and vulnerable children in Dustbin Estate. We are launching this crowdfunding campaign to enable us donate 10% of all proceeds to the LOTS Charity Foundation.