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CASH – Lifestyle of your dreams

The power to create wealth in the hands of our Tribe. Kindly choose from any of the options below:

  1. JOIN AFFILIATE PROGRAM: Join our Affiliate program for FREE and earn 7.5% commission on every referral or buy a Tribe Kit and earn up to 20% commission Learn more
  2. RETAILER OR DISTRIBUTOR: Register as a KEEXS Retailer or Distributor by filing out the required information. Learn more
  3. BECOME AN INVESTOR: We carry out private placements from time to time and give our Tribe the opportunity to participate in the growth of our company. Increase your own capital and support your favourite brand! Learn more

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CREATE – Bring new designs to life

The power to create products in the hands of our Tribe. Kindly choose from any of the options below:

  1. CUSTOMISE YOUR KEEXS: Our KEEXS accredited artists can hand design a pair of KEEXS just for you or we can take custom orders for your group or organisational needs. Learn more
  2. NEW KEEXS DESIGN IDEA: Anyone can submit new design ideas to KEEXS and make some good cash whilst doing this. The KEEXS Tribe can vote for new design ideas and get up to 20% off if they become crowdfunded projects Learn more
  3. CROWDFUND KEEXS DESIGN: Crowdfund new design projects and help turn them into full-fledged KEEXS products. And get special savings every time you fund! Learn more

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COMMUNITY – Connect & Impact lives

Connecting with the Tribe, empower each other and your communities. Kindly choose from any of the options below:

  1. JOIN OUR SOCIAL NETWORK: Get exclusives updates and connect with other members of our Tribe. Stay up to date via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Email, SMS and much more. Learn more
  2. HOST OR ATTEND A PARTY: At KEEXS we host Tribe parties from time to time and we also encourage some of our qualified members to do so as well. Learn more
  3. GIVE BACK TO COMMUNITY: Our core social initiatives border on Povertyhttps://keexs.com/contact-us/ Alleviation and Youth Empowerment. We are open to co-operating with our customers, individuals and corporate entities (private or public) who share our values. Learn more