KEEXS eMOTION Technical Overview



Sneakers, POD and mobile app, three items; one package. This is the eMotion and everything it encompasses; eMotion is an innovation by the KEEXS brand. KEEXS is the first innovative and social footwear brand in Africa, founded in 2015 by a KICKSTARTER campaign KEEXS seeks to revolutionize the fitness industry with its smart sneakers that not only makes fitness a fun activity but also helps you keep all your goals and provides you the means to give back to society.


Miniature PODS with state-of-the-art sensors and intelligent chip is in a slim, tough anodized aluminum and plastic body. Each pod is under 8mm thick, is just 15gms and lasts up to 15 days on a full charge. Connects via Bluetooth to KEEXS App (Android 4.3, iOS 8 and above). The eMotion POD is to be attached to a KEEXS sneakers and paired to the mobile app, the POD has a smart chip technology that enables it with one single POD, to be able to track all metrics, such as steps, speed, distance covered, and so much more. To navigate anywhere and give haptic feedback (a feature specifically developed for the visually impaired and for the adventurous spirits) is only possible with two PODs each attached to each sneaker (left and right foot). With intuitive, instinctive navigation through haptics or vibratory feedback, the pod feels like a tap on the shoulder; the POD’s gentle vibrations at your feet will guide you invisibly but intuitively.


If you are familiar with the KEEXS brand you know comfort and style is the statement being projected.  With its flexi-tread out-sole, cushioned mid-sole, breathable insole, fresh-mesh upper and true to size upper eMotion sneakers has promises to be one of the best products soon to be on shelf. Promising optimum comfort, KEEXS sneakers was formulated to accommodate the POD’s slim structure, with a pouch crafted in the mid-sole that perfectly fits the POD’s size. It can also be worn by attaching the buckle to your lace. The choice is yours…


The app runs on a monthly premium subscription package and offers features that set to make fitness an amazing experience; Run farther and faster with music specially created by KEEXS and scientifically proven to increase your motivation by more than 15%. Join exciting virtual mission and challenges with friends and others around the world by logging your running, walking, cycling and distances via our mobile app. Starting your first 5k run will no longer have to be lonely or scary – work with our world class coaches to build up your stamina and form whilst having fun and avoiding injury

Give back when you sign up to our premium app subscription service of which we donate 10% to educate underprivileged Kids in Africa through our partnership with Slum2School.

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