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Introducing to you the world’s smartest sneakers – KEEXS eMOTION. We initially started the brand with a crowd funding program in 2015 on Kick starter. We are focused on Design, Manufacturing and Distribution of Sneakers and athletic inspired products.

has been developed in response to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the need for more fitness-centered lifestyle as well as the need to empower undeserved communities in Africa.

This new design of sneakers is our response to the current pandemic situation and it’s to help support and encourage people to increasing their fitness levels by exercising a lot more.


KEEXS eMOTION combines smart-chip technology with a fashion forward sneaker that not only keeps the wearer moving smart, with Geo-location capabilities (2 PODs) and coaching techniques to help
reduce injury, it also assists the visually impaired (2 PODs) when paired with the KEEXS mobile app, which comes with playlists and enhanced feedback for better performance. In addition, 10% of our premium app subscription fee goes to support Slum2School, a social practice that assists undeserved children with access to education and resource materials.

It’s unique characteristics includes enjoying selectively healthy hand-picked music while exercising, navigate anywhere, helps as insight for the visually impaired, keeping records of your walks, track running Data, virtual races and having your own personal coach at your fingertips. Isn’t that Great!

In the process of helping yourself be physically fit and healthy. For every purchase of any of our sneakers, we give back to the community that require assistance in terms of funding, medical funding, education, etc.

Here are what you stand to gain when you pre-order.

  1. You get 40% off the product price.
  2. Free 30 days Premium app subscription.
  3. Free DELIVERY worldwide


CLICK HERE to pre-order*winks*

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