CHARLES DAIRO – @charles_dairo

First pair purchased in August 2017

 I now owe two pairs of KEEXS (KEEXS Ijinle and black pride

 “I like the KEEXS brand itself and what it stands for. I like the quality of the sneakers. I like the uniqueness of the designs and how relevant they are”


First pair was bought 13th October 2017

 My first pair of KEEXS design was Adam

 Now am a proud owner of 3 pairs of KEEXS

 “It gives me pride because it portrays my African heritage…creative and very comfortable”

FUNMI – @funmihoney

My first purchase was in 2016

 Adam was the first design i bought

 Presesently i have 5 pairs of KEEXS (2 pairs of Adam, Slip on pride, Slip on ijinle, Aso ebi)

 “What I like about KEEXS is the uniqueness and quality)