The Heroes of Slum2School

Join KEEXS as we support the NEW NORMAL in partnership with Slum2School, a volunteer-driven development organization transforming the society by empowering undeserved children in slums and remote communities with quality education, entrepreneurial skills, and psycho-social support to enable them to realize their full potential and become social reformers.

This write-up is on one of the heroes of SLUM2SCHOOL, excerpted from the Instagram page on the 12th of April, 2020.

heroes of Slum2School“Last Monday, the mother of one of my mentees’ from Tarkwa Bay called me. “Sarah and her sisters never chop for 3 days now”, She cried. “No money for food and market no open since last week.” I was worried because I’ve known Sarah’s family for 3 years. Sarah lost her dad 7 years ago and her mum is a petty trader in the Lagos market.

On Wednesday, I got an email from Slum2School saying we had an outreach to Tarkwa Bay in partnership with @citizenforcitizen & @theprojectarkng.
I signed up immediately, but I heard that over 300 volunteers had signed up and there were just 20 slots for Saturday.On Friday I got a message from one of our team leaders that I was selected to join the volunteers going to Tarkwa Bay & I immediately called Sarah’s mother that we were coming.

Saturday morning by 7 am, a bus with security permit and officers picked me up from my house. We had a volunteers’ briefing & were given hand sanitizers, N95 face masks and told to protect ourselves so we can protect the community.For 3 hours we packed 700 bags of several food items and relief materials from 2 big trucks into the 2 big ferries and by 1 pm we left the jetty to Tarkwa Bay.

When I got to the community, Sarah saw me from afar and ran to hug me, but I couldn’t hug her. She didn’t understand why, even when I tried to explain to her.
We passed on her food bags and I could see the priceless joy on the face of her mum and her siblings. I told Sarah that I’ll be back, and I’ll hug her, but she was still sad.

We left Tarkwa Bay by 6.17 pm and I felt so fulfilled knowing that Sarah’s family, and hundreds of other children and families wouldn’t go bed hungry in the coming week.
It was a very fulfilling experience and I’m so proud of everyone who donated and every volunteer who came out to serve. You all are incredible heroes and I can’t wait to do this again.

“Support SLUM2SCHOOL now – every pair of KEEXS you buy will enable us donate to keep a child in school for a week or more – help spread the word to others”.

Join KEEXS in this new normal and let’s help these kids reach their full potentials.

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