The African story has been told by virtually everyone apart from Africans themselves. The 
African story has been lined with chapters of poverty, health care issues, corruption, wars,
conflict, and disasters of several sorts. It is expedient to take an active part in retelling and
reframing the way which Africa has been portrayed.

The vision of the Tokyo Africa Collection is to promote excellent brands and services
from Africa in Japan via fashion show and related projects. The purpose of the exhibition is
geared towards re orientating the Japanese youth about what Africa is. It aims to show them
through different African brands and innovations that there is beauty, art, talent, color, and
versatility of creativity in the African continent.

Keexs made the cut. In conjunction with the Tokyo Africa Collection and some African
designers, Keexs was able to represent the continent in Japan. Our sneakers were showcased
alongside the fashion pieces of some African designers during the 2019 Tokyo Africa
Collection fashion exhibition. They were worn down the runway by different models who
were accompanied with applauses, looks of admiration and sounds of appreciation and awe
from the audience.

Fashion is culture and there’s no better way to tell the story of a people than showcasing their
culture. Japan is one of the countries amongst others that the Keexs brand intends to make
their shoes available in. The Keexs brand which is a blend of Africanism, versatility, and
uniqueness pledges to unashamedly and unrepentantly spread the untold and true African
stories of innovation, creativity, and beauty all over the world and re orient people about the
African continent.

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