KEEXS for Two
KEEXS, the first innovative and social footwear brand in Africa, is rekindling love in Nigeria with the “Keexs for 2” Valentine Campaign. It’s the season of love and the perfect time for a chance to win amazing gifts, connect with someone special and KEEXS is ready to help you do just that!

KEEXS has teamed up with the ISOMERS – one of Nigeria’s foremost Alte groups for this campaign. They were recently announced as the brands latest ambassadors and in a statement recently said – “We are thrilled to be a part of the KEEXS journey. We have always been fans of the brand and believe this collaboration will be the beginning of an amazing chapter for both brands.”

The campaign intends to bring back the true spirit of love through a series of blind dates and couple interviews to be captured on video. The series explores the idea that true love can happen at any time by getting to know people. Participants stand a chance to not just find true love but also win movie tickets, KEEXS Merchandise, free photoshoots for couples, a weekend getaway for two and so much more! To see the promotional video, please visit:

So how can you join the “KEEXS for 2” Campaign? All you have to do is register via the KEEXS website here:

Only members of the KEEXS Tribe (people who have purchased a pair of KEEXS) are eligible to be shortlisted. KEEXS is also partnering with SPAR to give shoppers an instant N3,000 discount voucher to shop KEEXS sneakers after filling a short form! This gives everyone an opportunity to own a pair of KEEXS save money and enter to win prizes!

The “KEEXS For Two” Valentine’s campaign will be promoted on all social media channels so you can follow the campaign with the hashtag #KEEXSfor2. You can also watch the amazing “KEEXS FOR 2” video by The Isomers on the KEEXS website here>>

About KEEXS:
KEEXS vision is to pioneer innovation in the footwear industry, bring exciting designs to life and empower through socially-oriented projects. The KEEXS footwear brand is an African inspired range of casual footwear that designed for people who are expressive and unapologetic for style choices. Our logo is “The Fist Bump” signifying interconnectivity between people, across cultures, borders, differences, skin color, religion…

Every time you wear KEEXS and meet others like you wearing KEEXS say hello with the Fist Bump and celebrate the positive impact we will make in Africa and the world. – – twitter: @keexstribe Instagram: @keexstribe

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