Giving Back – Child Education and Community Empowerment

Our mission at KEEXS is to pioneer innovation in footwear, bring exciting designs to life and empower communities through socially oriented projects.

We partner with organizations and individuals to drive home our mission and have impactful stories to tell. 

Every pair of KEEXS bought allows us to keep a child in school for a week or more for a week or more. “Every pair of KEEXS bought allows us to keep a child in school for a week or more via donations to charities like Slum2School”

Join KEEXS as we support the NEW NORMAL in partnership with Slum2School, a volunteer-driven development organization transforming society by empowering underserved children in slums and remote communities with quality education, entrepreneurial skills, and psychosocial support to enable them to realize their full potential and become social reformers.

The Sum of such beneficiaries are the Kids of Makoko -Makoko is a slum neighborhood located on the coast of mainland Lagos. Half of the population lives in shacks built on stilts along the lagoon and the other half lives on land in very heartbreaking conditions. Makoko is located in Nigeria with Coordinates: 6°29ʹ44ʹʹN 3°23ʹ39ʹʹE / 6.49556°N 3.39417°E

Giving Back – Job CreaYon
1,000 Jobs by 2026 – World Class sneaker factory & InnovaYon Center

KEEXS is not just planning on setting up a Worldclass sneaker factory but also an innovation center and the first of its kind in Africa. Highlights as follows 

  • 1st phase of the project target is Dec 2021
    Target is to employ 50% Women or more
    Low power, Hand Skill-based, Global
  • 2nd Phase -world-class training and
    manufacturing facilities. Ethical and
    environmentally friendly
  • Every pair of KEEXS bought moves us closer to
    ensuring we have the volumes required to
    sustain and scale our job creation goals.