Social Impact

Our mission at KEEXS is to pioneer innovative lifestyle products and empower communities through socially oriented projects.

OUR IMPACT ( HOW WE GIVE BACK) - Delivering impact first starts with inspiring our Tribe, our logo (Chop Knuckle). Every time you see another Tribe member wearing KEEXS "Chop Knucke" (say hello with a fist bump) and celebrate the impact we are creating together.


Our name KEEXS comes from the a play of 2 words; KICKS - means sneakers or rubber sole shoes and KEEK - means to peep - this talks about standing out and the story telling element of our products.

Our color RED represents positive energy, youth, passion, giving & creativity.  KEEXS is for people who are COOL, UNAPOLOGETIC (even in their style choices) and are passionate about GIVING BACK.



We deliver this impact using the 4Ps (People, Planet, Profit and PURPOSE)


We are FOR THE TRIBE, BY THE TRIBE! Our Tribe is not bound by geography, pedigree, race or religion. Our Tribe are COOL, UNAPOLOGETIC people who are passionate about GIVING BACK. 


Every KEEXS product you purchase helps to keep a child in school for a week or more in partnership with Slum2School Africa. We also offer our Tribe incentives to promote and co-create products to increase our ability to send more kids to school.


At KEEXS we strive to use more recycled and eco-freindly materials in our production process. In partnership with MIPAD, we also offer our Tribe more climate action to plant trees so they can literally have roots in Africa & name entered in the Book of Roots!


Our overarching mission of giving back can only be sustainable in the long term through profitability and meeting the expectations of our stakeholders . We also look forward to creating more jobs in Africa and in communities around the world that buy our products. 

We also offer our Tribe incentives to promote and co-create products to increase our ability to drive more socially impactful projects email us at for more information.